Digital Camber and Caster Gauge with LCD Display

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AutoSolo Digital Camber and Castor Alignment Tool - Precision Wheel Alignment Tool Camber Gauge with LCD Display & Magnetic Base for Car, Truck, RV & SUV

±90° Measuring Range for Comprehensive Wheel Alignment

Revolutionize your vehicle's performance with our cutting-edge camber gauge, boasting an expansive measuring range of -90° to +90°. This feature allows for full-spectrum angle adjustments, from extreme negative camber for high-performance vehicles to positive alignments for heavy-duty transportation.

Precision Alignment with Extensive Capabilities

  • Measurement Range: -90° to +90° for full alignment control
  • Display: High-definition LCD with backlight for clear visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Magnetic Base: Strong magnetic attraction for secure placement on metal surfaces
  • Calibration: Easy 'ZERO' reset function for accurate starting points
  • Leveling: Integrated bubble level for precise measurement and alignment
  • Material: High-density aluminum construction for durability and resistance to wear
  • Power: Requires AAA batteries (not included), with display for battery level
  • Portability: Compact and ergonomic design for ease of use and storage