Wheel Alignment Turn Tables with Brass Finish Dial, 4 Ton Capacity, and Bonus Accessories (Pair)

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AutoSolo's wheel alignment turn tables now come in two distinct designs: the Standard Design and the new Low Profile Design. Both variants include bonus accessories of two thrust blocks and two transition bridges to make your alignment tasks easier. Each turn table supports up to 2 tons of weight capacity, allowing up to 4 tons of weight when used as a pair.

The Standard Design, standing about 2" in height, and the Low Profile Design, with its sleek 1" height, are both lightweight and compact at 15.75" x 15.75" per pair. This makes either pair of turn plates perfect for any garage or auto shop. The beautiful brass finish dial with readings up to 60 degrees left or right from the centerline allows for precise alignment. Additionally, the 13-3/8" top rotating plates allow a 1" slide tolerance from the centerline, perfect for wheels that move when turning.

The Low Profile Design is particularly suitable for sports cars and custom vehicles where clearance is minimal, providing the same precision and durability but in a more compact form. This design variation ensures that no matter the vehicle, you have the right tools for accurate alignment.

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Low Profile
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